Heyflow 2.0
Nov 26, 2020

Heyflow 2.0 is coming...


You've been waiting for it for a long time, Heyflow 2.0 makes a pivot and focuses on the privacy of your users.


Heyflow 2.0 makes privacy, at the highest level.


So, what's new?

User's privacy should never be comprimised on analytics. Track your website's visitors in real-time, whithout storing any personal information, cookies, or fingerprintingthem

- Whole new UI/UX

- Lightweight script (<33ms)

- Dashboard loads faster (x18)

- Shareable analytics (Custom domain will come by Q1 2021)

- Track custom events

- No need for cookie banner (Fully RGPD compliant)

- API Access

- Data export

- Unlimited events

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